May 22nd- May 23rd 2021 10am-4pm

Abstract Inspiration

This 2 Full Day Weekend workshop is an exploration of simple organic compositions that reflect Joe’s experience with the Abstract paining process on Canvas. We’ll experiment with a variety of materials such as Acrylic and Graphite, .Joe will introduce you to some of his ideas on composition, color theories, and techniques that he uses when working on his compositions. We will explore the four basic elements of Line, Shape, Color and Texture in this 2 day event. Contact us to reserve your spot for this event by calling or emailing us at our contact information below.

This 2 Day weekend workshop is offered to 6 students on a first come first serve basis. DiGiulio Studio's Covid 19 restrictions require that all attendees must be vaccinated in order to attend. Price for this event is $250.00 per attendee. Light refreshments and water will be offered.